ASEMS Veterans (ASEMS-V)

ASEMS Veterans (ASEMS-V) provides much of the same services as our existing ASEMS Programs (see below), but is aimed specifically at military veterans in STEM majors. Incoming first-time first-year students and community college transfer students are accepted; students should also be attending classes on the UA Main Campus. The ASEMS-V Program is a partnership between Arizona’s Science, Engineering, and Math Scholars (ASEMS) Program, the University of Arizona’s Veteran’s Education and Transition Services (, and Dr. Michael Marty. 

The first step in joining ASEMS-V for the Fall 2023 semester is to complete our 23-24 Pre-Intake form. Please indicate on this form that you are interested in joining the ASEMS Program. 

The link to the form is here: 

After completing this form, you will be contacted by an ASEMS Student Success Specialist to schedule an intake appointment. 

Once you have completed your initial intake, we will then direct you to our CREAR STEM Learning Communities partners to place you into the correct course/courses for your STEM Learning Community. 

What is a STEM Learning Community? 

In your first semester at the University of Arizona, you will be part of a learning community of other science, technology, engineering, & math (STEM) students from similar backgrounds. You will connect with a peer educator through the 1-credit Success in STEM course, and receive 1-on-1 support from a STEM Student Success Specialist. Each group of 20-25 students is called a Societal Impact Group (SIG), who take a Success in STEM class together based on an issue in society that is important to you. 

Services and Benefits for Students

  • Opportunities to engage in a PAID full-time summer research internship
  • Be part of a community of fellow Veteran STEM students
  • Learn proven academic success strategies
  • Meet with supportive staff and faculty for academic and career counseling
  • Receive individualized support from a peer  mentor and professional staff
  • Engage in lab shadowing experiences to explore career interests
  • Receive free small group and individual tutoring for STEM classes (up to 300 level classes)
  • Attend exclusive networking events with STEM faculty
  • Have access to graduate & professional school workshops and 1-on-1 counseling
  • Participate in community service and leadership opportunities

For more information about the program, please contact Jennifer Batchelder (ASEMS, or Michael Marty (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, We are happy to help with the application and encourage all incoming Veterans interested in STEM to apply.