Industry Professionals

STEM Industry Professionals Needed

Are you a professional with a STEM background or who is currently working in a STEM related field? If so, the ASEMS program would value your support as a volunteer! 

We believe it's critical for our students to meet and get to know professionals working in STEM fields or who have STEM backgrounds. In particular, when students see someone who looks like them and/or is from a similar background who's made it and established a successful career, it allows them to develop their own STEM identity. Getting to know industry professionals also enables our students to understand the wide variety of options they have with their STEM education.

Work with individual or small groups of ASEMS students to share your knowledge and expertise. ASEMS provides a structured format for these meetings and can provide additional training on asset based mentoring. In this capacity, mentors would be expected to commit to a full academic year of mentoring with meetings occurring approximately monthly.

Invite individual or small groups of ASEMS students to your work place to follow you around and see what working in a STEM industry job is like. 

The ASEMS Program hosts a number of events throughout the year where students can mix and mingle with graduate students, faculty, and industry professionals. These events allow our students to practice and develop their networking skills in addition to building valuable professional connections. 

We offer a number of classes each semester to our program participants related to being successful in STEM and often include guest speakers to present on various topics or participate in panel discussions. Additionally, we're happy to discuss potential one off presentations related to your area of expertise.

Getting more industry professionals involved with the ASEMS program is one of our goals for the coming academic years. If you have ideas for other ways that you or your company would like to get involved, or to discuss a more formalized partnership - please contact us directly (see the email address below).

For more information about how you can get involved, contact Rell Ohlson (