ASEMS Transfer (ASEMS-T) Application

Join ASEMS-T for Fall 2024

ASEMS-T Application Process for Incoming Students for Fall 2024  

The first step in joining ASEMS-T for the Fall 2024 semester is to join a STEM Learning Community.  

What is a STEM Learning Community? 

CREAR STEM Learning Communities (SLCs) are structured according to the student experience such as first-year student or community college transfer student, and are the foundation for your first semester in the ASEMS Program. We want to ensure you share your first-semester experience with students on a similar journey! 

All SLCs have a Success in STEM course and may also include a Math or Chemistry course aligned with your math placement level and program of study.

  • Success in STEM Course: Each STEM Learning Community has a 1-credit first-year course led by a trained Peer Educator, where you’ll connect with peers who share your interests and career goals.
  • STEM Course: Courses like math or chemistry aligned with your math placement level and program of study

To begin this process, complete a brief interest form:

You will then be contacted by a staff member for next steps in the enrollment process, which includes a meeting with a Student Success Specialist.

Additional eligibility requirements for the ASEMS Transfer Programs include: 
  • Must be a community college transfer student majoring in a STEM field in the College of Science or the College of Engineering 

Students are admitted on a rolling basis, but spots are limited, so we recommend you begin the process above as soon as possible.