Dr. Katrina Miranda

ASEMS Faculty Fellow

Faculty - Chemistry & Biochemistry

Dr. Armin Sorooshian

ASEMS Faculty Fellow

Faculty - Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, and the College of Public Health.

Board Members

Dr. Erica Corral

Materials Science and Engineering - Professor

ASEMS Board Member

Cindy Neal

Chemistry and Biochemistry - MARC Program Assistant Director

ASEMS Board Member

Kimberly Sierra-Cajas

ASEMS Founding Director (2011-2020)

Director, STEM Learning Center

Amanda Stevens

Manager, Finance and Administration - School of Plant Sciences

ASEMS Board Member

Dr. Frans Tax

Molecular and Cellular Biology - Professor

ASEMS Board Member

TRiO SSS-ASEMS Faculty Director

Dr. Ramin Yadegari

Plant Sciences - Professor

ASEMS Board Member

Faculty Partners

Dr. Gerardo (Jerry) Lopez

ASEMS Faculty Partner

Assistant Professor - School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Katrina Miranda

ASEMS Faculty Partner

Associate Professor - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Jennifer Teske

ASEMS Faculty Partner

Associate Professor - Department of Nutritional Sciences


Maya Azzi

CALS ASEMS Student Support Specialist

Jennifer Batchelder

ASEMS Assistant Director for Transfer Pathways

S-STEM Project Manager

Teresa Cortéz

CALS ASEMS Student Support Specialist

Alexandra Diaz

ASEMS Assistant Director

Nura Dualeh

Director, ASEMS Program

Ericka Encinas

TRiO ASEMS Student Support Coordinator

Emma Fajardo

ASEMS-T Transfer Specialist

Rell Ohlson

ASEMS Student Support Coordinator

Ashley Parra

TRIO ASEMS Student Support Specialist