CALS ASEMS Application

CALS ASEMS Application Information for Incoming Fall 2023 Students:

The first step in joining CALS ASEMS for the Fall 2023 semester is to complete our 23-24 Pre-Intake Form. Please indicate on this form that you are interested in joining the ASEMS Program.

The link to the form is here: 

After completing this form, you will be contacted by an ASEMS Student Success Specialist to schedule an intake appointment. 

Once you have completed your initial intake, we will then direct you to our CREAR STEM Learning Communities partners to place you into the correct course/courses for your STEM Learning Community. 

What is a STEM Learning Community? 

In your first semester at the University of Arizona, be part of a learning community of other science, technology, engineering, & math (STEM) students from similar backgrounds. You will take between 1-3 classes together, connect with a peer educator through the Success in STEM 1 unit-course, and receive 1-on-1 support from a STEM Student Success Specialist. Each group of 20-25 students is called a Societal Impact Group (SIG), who take a class  together based on an issue in society that is important to them. 

 Additional eligibility requirements for this program include: 

  • Must be an incoming student in one of the following majors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: Agribusiness Economics & Management, Agricultural Technology Management and Education, Animal Sciences, Applied Biotechnology, Biosystems Engineering, Biosystems Analytics & Technology, Environmental & Water Resource Economics, Environmental Sciences, Food Safety, Microbiology, Natural Resources, Nutrition and Food Systems, Nutritional Sciences, Plant Sciences, Precision Nutrition and Wellness, Sustainable Plant Systems, and Veterinary Science 

  • In addition, students should also meet one of the following requirements:

    • First generation college student (neither parent or guardian has completed a 4-year bachelor’s degree)

    • Offered or awarded a Pell Grant 

    • From a group underrepresented in STEM 

    • Community college transfer student 

Students are admitted on a rolling basis, but spots are limited, so we recommend you begin the process above as soon as possible.