Getting Involved with ASEMS as a Faculty Member

Every semester, students in our Research Readiness class have the option to shadowi in a research lab. This allows students to see how research is conducted first hand while helping them learn about laboratory culture and research methodologies. Students shadowing in a lab needn't be directly involved in research (although we encourage hands on participation as much as possible) but they do need the opportunity to meet with researchers to ask questions and learn what's going on in the lab.

In addition, we arrange tours of labs for groups of our students to learn more about the research being conducted across campus and are always looking for faculty willing to open up their lab for an hour and explain their work to our students.

Throughout the semester, we often ask faculty members to present to our classes on a variety of topics such as: how to be successful in classes you teach; how to turn a STEM degree in your field into a career; how to navigate post baccalaureate academia; and how to approach research in your field. 

ASEMS hosts a number of events throughout the year which faculty are welcome to attend. At these events faculty have the opportunity to interact with individual or small groups of ASEMS students and support them in developing their networking and interpersonal skills. Students who are more comfortable interacting with faculty are more likely to seek out help when needed and be successful in difficult STEM classes.

The ASEMS program is primarily funded through public and private grants and we're always on the lookout for additional funding opportunities. To this end, we are happy to discuss potential collaborations with faculty on grant proposals and/or provide letters of support to faculty for their grant proposals.

If you have any questions about how you can get involved with the ASEMS Program, please email Rell Ohlson (rohlson@arizona.edu).