Arizona’s Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Scholars program started off as a grassroots movement to increase, retain, and graduate students in STEM from diverse backgrounds. Now, with the help of federal and private grants, we have multiple programs to support more than 400 students per year through graduation.


Serves first generation students, students with financial need, and/or students with disabilities pursuing majors in STEM or health sciences. 

ASEMS Transfer Program (ASEMS-T)

Serves entering College of Science and College of Engineering community college transfer students. 


Serves entering first year students and entering community college transfer students in College of Agriculture, Life, and Environmental Sciences (CALES) STEM majors.

  • Receive individualized support from a success specialist and a peer mentor
  • Be part of a community of fellow STEM students
  • Learn proven academic success strategies
  • Connect with supportive staff and faculty for academic and career advice
  • Develop research skills to be competitive for paid research positions
  • Engage in research shadowing experiences to explore career interests
  • Be eligible to receive financial aid on a case by case basis
  • Receive free small group and individual tutoring for STEM classes (up to 300 level classes)
  • Attend exclusive networking events with STEM faculty
  • Have access to graduate & professional school workshops