Steering Committee

Steering Committee


Cindy Neal

Chemistry and Biochemistry - MARC Program Assistant Director ASEMS Steering Committee Member

Kimberly Sierra-Cajas

ASEMS Founding Director (2011-2020) Director, STEM Learning Center ASEMS Steering Committee Member

Amanda Stevens

Manager, Finance and Administration - School of Plant Sciences ASEMS Steering Committee Member

Dr. Frans Tax

Molecular and Cellular Biology - Professor ASEMS Steering Committee Member TRiO SSS-ASEMS Faculty Director

Dr. Ramin Yadegari

Plant Sciences - Professor ASEMS Steering Committee Member

Jennifer Batchelder

ASEMS Assistant Director for Transfer Pathways S-STEM Project Manager

Teresa Cortéz

CALS ASEMS Student Support Specialist

Nura Dualeh

Director, ASEMS Program

Ericka Encinas

TRiO ASEMS Student Support Coordinator

Ashley Parra

TRIO ASEMS Student Support Specialist

Dr. Gerardo (Jerry) Lopez

ASEMS Faculty Partner Assistant Professor - School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Katrina Miranda

ASEMS Faculty Partner Associate Professor - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Jennifer Teske

ASEMS Faculty Partner Associate Professor - Department of Nutritional Sciences

Leah Callovini

Undergraduate Research Coordinator, ASEMS STARS Program

Pablo Rocha

CALS ASEMS Transfer Specialist