ASEMS Transfer (ASEMS-T)

The ASEMS Transfer Program (ASEMS-T) provides targeted services specifically for community college transfer students. ASEMS-T is designed to assist students studying a science major in successfully obtaining a bachelor’s degree in science. To achieve this goal, the program offers support from the time that students enter the program through graduation. 


ASEMS-T is for students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) in the College of Science or the College of Engineering, and transferring from a community college.

Year 1

SCI 195B Success in STEM

SCI 297B Research Readiness

Guidance and support related to study skills, time management, academic planning and connecting with faculty

Meet monthly with peer mentors

6+ weeks of research shadowing in a field of interest

Year 2

Choose between 3 career tracks: graduate school; professional school; industry

Opportunity to serve as a Peer Mentor or Learning Coach

Opportunity to participate in a paid summer research experience through the ASEMS STARS Program

Across all years

Ongoing opportunities to connect and build community with faculty and other STEM transfer students

Individual support from professional staff

Program workshops and events




To find out how to apply:


If you are a College of Science major, please contact Jennifer Batchelder (

If you are a College of Engineering major, please contact Elena Calderon (