ASEMS Transfer (ASEMS-T)

The ASEMS Transfer Program (ASEMS-T) provides targeted services specifically for community college transfer students. ASEMS-T is designed to assist students studying a science or engineering major in successfully obtaining a bachelor’s degree. To achieve this goal, the program offers support from the time that students enter the program through graduation. 


ASEMS-T is for students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM) in the College of Science or the College of Engineering, and transferring from a community college.

First Semester (Fall)

  • Take the Success in STEM 1-credit course led by Peer Educators

  • Guidance and support related to academic and career planning, navigating campus resources, connecting with faculty, etc. 

  • 1-on-1 meetings with ASEMS Student Success Specialist 

  • Participation in ASEMS Orientation and Inclusive Engagement Workshop 

Second Semester (Spring)

  • Research Readiness 1-credit course led by ASEMS Student Success Specialists and STEM faculty partners 

  • Opportunity to shadow in a research group or lab 

  • 1 on 1 meetings with ASEMS Success Specialist and Peer Mentors

  • Opportunity to participate in a paid summer research experience through the ASEMS STARS Program 

Year 2

  • 1 on 1 meetings with ASEMS Success Specialist and Peer Mentors

  • Opportunity to serve as a Peer Educator/Peer Mentor/Tutor 


Across all years

  • Ongoing opportunities to connect and build community with faculty and other STEM transfer students 

  • Guidance and support in finding undergraduate research and career preparation opportunities 

  • Individual support from program staff 

  • Program workshops and events 

  • Access to free ASEMS tutoring services 

  • Be eligible to receive financial aid (stipends) on a case-by-case basis 




To find out how to apply:


If you are a College of Science major, please contact Zcheecid Aguirre (

If you are a College of Engineering major, please contact Elena Calderon (