• 2018 ASEMS Achievement Ceremony

    Wednesday, May 16, 2018
    Congratulations to our 2018 ASEMS Graduates! The following students and program supporters also received awards at our year end event on May 3rd, 2018. Outstanding ASEMS-T Participant: Anesha Rodriguez Outstanding ASEMS-T Peer Mentor: Carlos Santoscoy Outstanding TRiO ASEMS Participants: Eugenia Anane-Wae; Ricardo Padilla Outstanding TRiO ASEMS Tutor: Jaden Johnston Outstanding TRiO ASEMS Peer Mentor: Oksana Cabrera In addition, the Spirit of ASEMS Awards went to Eliza Yellow Bird (Student Support Services; College of Medicine) and Cesar Medina (UA graduate student). Read More
  • 2017 ASEMS Achievement Awards

    Tuesday, June 13, 2017
    At this year's ASEMS Achievement Ceremony, we celebrated our graduating ASEMS scholars - congratulations! The following participants also received awards for their outstanding work over the past year. Outstanding ASEMS-T Participant; Paola Chavez Outstanding ASEMS-T Peer Mentor: Phylisia Reyes Outstanding TRiO ASEMS Participants: Jocelyn Rossete; Paola Rocha; Jospeh Guerrero Outstanding TRiO ASEMS Peer Tutor; Eden Eaton Outstanding TRiO ASEMS Peer Mentor: Hassan Farrah In addition, the Spirit of ASEMS Award went to Dr. Armin Sorooshian. Dr. Armin Sorooshian is the Faculty Fellow for ASEMS. Read More